An hour in Shani's hands is one of the nicest things you can do for yourself! Her professional, confident manner, combined with her truly talented hands, always leave me floating out the door after an hour of reflexology, relaxation bliss!
               - Stacey Grieve
              Health and Wellness Speaker & Business Owner

Shani's style of reflexology made my heart sing and my feet dance. She worked her magic on me at a critical time in my life. Her soothing touch opened up channels in my body and mind. After one session with Shani my stress level diminished greatly and I was able to face the issues at hand. Thanx Shani.
              - Pip Herrington

My session with Shani was infinitely more relaxing than I imagined. She has a great way of just focusing on the work without chatter, letting you drift away on your own thoughts. I "came back" feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and awed by the experience. Reflexology is fabulous; it isn't just a foot rub.
              - Sophia Zoe
              Aromatherapist & Energy Therapist

I had an amazing time. I had no idea how relaxed I can feel after my first treatment. I felt at peace and was charged for a few weeks after. I felt great. Just wanted to say THANKS! If life is about the way you feel then one should charge their batteries so we can feel our best at all times. Thanks for the recharge sessions...and I be back soon.
              - Francis McQueen
              DJ and Actor

I was introduced to Shani 10 years ago through the fashion and entertainment industry. In my first sesssion with Shani, she was able to spark my interest in Reflexology that I am now thinking of incorporating it into my lifestyle. I found that Shani was patient, caring and knowledgeable and that Reflexology was a great complement to the other holistic modalities (Pilates and Yoga) that I regularly practice.                 
- Susan Chong
              Susan Chong Public Relations [SCPR]

Certified foot reflexologist my ass! your title should be 'world best healer'! i felt blood flowing in all parts of my body, similar to acupuncture less the pain. so relaxing. and healing. thank you shani. for real. that was trememdous.
              - Bobbito Garcia, a.k.a. Cool Bob Love
              DJ, Baller and Author of "Where did you get those?".