Sessions and Prices

A complete session on both feet is always performed. Sessions will last around 50+ minutes.
All prices have additional HST. The uninsured rate is $65 per session and more for a home visit.

The Happy Foot Club
What is better than Reflexology? More Reflexology! Schedule 6 sessions upfront for a lower price of $330.

Spa Parties and Events
We can customize any package that is right for you. Learn more here: Reflexology Events

Maternity Foot Reflexology
Reflexology offers a chance to relax and ease the discomfort related to changes in the body. By promoting good blood flow within your whole body, reflexology helps ensure oxygen and other vital nutrients are reaching your baby. Bi- monthly sessions offer optimum continuous care for the changing body.

"Reflex+" includes a full reflexology session beginning with a detoxifying foot bath and ending with a longer foot/leg massage. A custom combination of herbs and essential oils are used to make this foot bath special for you! It is 75+ minutes and $75.

Hot Stone Reflexology
Hot stone reflexology combines the benefits of an intensive reflexology treatment with hot stones for a relaxing and deeply rejuvenating treatment. The heat from the stones increases the relaxation response and increases healing through improved blood flow and circulation.

Give the perfect gift!
Purchase a gift certificate safely at the clinic site or through paypal by contacting Shani. Make someone smile today!

There is a 24 hour cancellation notice policy in effect for all services.